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Sublimation Prints - Ready to press transfers

Sublimation Prints - Ready to press transfers

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This listing is for the printing of your graphics onto quality sublimation paper ready to transfer. 

  • Please send your ready to print graphics to
  • Please indicate size of each graphic requested in email with your designs. Printing can be done up to 8.5x11 in landscape or portrait.
  • All designs must be ready to print. No graphic design is included in your purchase. This includes adding images, texts, or changing colors. If you need these services please contact me for pricing.
  • Please double check your designs and make sure you are happy with it before sending. I do not check images for errors or quality. What you send is what you get. Ex: if you send a blurry image you will get a blurry print.
  • Send each image only once and include quantity needed in email. Also include the name of your images so I know which image you are talking about if sending multiples. They do not show up always in the order you send them.
  • Lists are amazing! Make a master list of image names and quantities needed with dimensions and watch how fast your order processes!
  • Please have an understanding of sublimation, there are lots of resources and I can provide some if needed. Sublimation does not print white and you cannot sublimate directly onto black fabrics. Sublimation also requires polyester.

If you have any questions please reach out!

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